Tuesday, April 4, 2017

“If It’s Advice You Seek”

“If It’s Advice You Seek”

We’re collecting internet followers,
My zen and I.
I’m flattered but,

If I have followers
Does it mean 
That I must lead?

You cannot control all the events of your life.
Hardly any of them, really.

So try not 
To let things 
Get you down.

Be kind to yourself and others.
Don’t eat quite so much.
Think positive thoughts.

And keep your sense of humor
Turned all the way up!

I suppose that’s what I would advise you,
If it’s advice you seek
(And I were the sort of person 
Who gave advice).

One more thing, please,
Seeing as I’m giving advice now…

There’s something important I’ve learned 
Through hard experience
That I’d like to pass on;
(Because I love you!)

Whatever it is
You want to do in this life…

Do it now!

“Internet Zen”

Oh wonders of the internet!
Some of them that seek guidance via the digital domain
(And there seem to be plenty of them),

Come to me.

From half a world away
They seek my knowledge of zen.
Of which don’t tell anyone I have none.

I just do what I believe to be right.
And let my zen 
Do the rest.

I’m flattered by it,
This internet attention.
As if I know something big.
Like I’ve figured it out.
Like I was wise 
Or something.

But that’s a lot of baloney.

I’m just as dumb as you are.
Or, if you prefer,
Just as smart as you are.

If it makes you feel any better.

Listen to me, internet users who seek a way!
Turn off your computer.
Go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

Take a walk.
Feel the sun on your face.
Find a garden.
(Or some other zen-place.)

Empty your mind.

And search within yourself.
It is there.
All the zen you need.

Forever and ever.

“Zen For Breakfast”
(First Published on Rusty’s Blog, Oct 2, 2015
Completely rewritten Jan, 2016.)

And now… 
For that very zen-like 
Of questions…

Which came first?
The chicken or the egg?

Or should I say,
Just to be fair to all concerned,
Which came first,
The egg or the chicken?

So I asked my zen about it.

Which is what I do
When I need some wisdom,
About 10,000 times a day.

“Forget it!” replied my zen.
“Don’t waste your time thinking about it.
Both answers are correct.”

Both answers are correct.

That’s zen for you.

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