Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"How Big Is Your Zen?"


Water, rock, plant.
You, me, all.
Past, present, future…


“Marriage Zen” 

Boy! It’s hard to be married sometimes!

I suppose I’m not the first person 
To have thought that thought, am I?
Not by a long shot, eh?

I’m positive my wife
Has thought it more than once.
I can’t blame her.
Being married to me isn’t easy!

But being a zen man,
I try to understand
That life is full of suffering
For human beings.

(And all other creatures too, 
But I’m just talking about 
Married creatures now.)

Yes, we all must suffer!
Especially it seems 
For the sake of love.

But if she were listening,
Instead of giving me a beautiful example
Of The Silent Treatment,

And I were speaking,
Instead of hiding in my office
Typing on a keyboard,

I would want to say
To my life-partner;

I Love You.

Are you listening,
Dear wife?
I’ll say it again.
From my heart to yours.

I love you.

Whatever we’re fighting about today
Won’t be important 
A thousand years from now.
I guarantee it.

Only the love we shared
Will be important.

Come, hold my hand
As we journey together 
Toward infinity.

(And zen)
Will show us the way.

“How Big?”

“How big is your zen?”
A student once asked me.

“That’s an easy one,” I answered.
“My zen is very… er, big.
Or rather say it’s everywhere all around.
Or maybe never-ending is a better term for it.
All encompassing?
I’m finding it a little 
Difficult to describe,” I admitted.

I was a little embarrassed
And wanted to change the subject.
So I added, “That’s zen for you!”
And shrugged my shoulders.

The students laughed,
And my ignorance 
Went undiscovered
For another day.


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