Tuesday, April 11, 2017

“My Zen is Stronger Than My Anger”

“My Zen is Stronger Than My Anger”

My zen is stronger than my anger.
Which shows you how strong 
My zen can be!

Because my anger can be very strong
If I forget or I’m lazy,
And let it rage without control.

Which, I confess, happens
From time to time.
Remember, I never said I was perfect.

That would be pretty stupid,
To say you’re perfect
When anyone can tell at a glance that you are not.

No, I’m just a poet

Who thinks he’s found a way to live
In a world he cannot control…
But must not fear.

Oh yes! 
I’m not perfect!
Ha! Ha! Nowhere near it!

But we learn 
From our shortcomings, don’t we? 
If we live long enough and pay attention.

That’s the zen of it!

Now, about this anger thing.
Anger is natural.
Whether poet, beggar, or king,

We all experience it sometime.
So don’t be surprised by your anger
When it rears up uninvited.

Embrace it!

Treat it carefully though.
When your anger appears 
Say to it, 

“Hello there, Anger.
I see you have come visiting 
At a most inopportune time.

Perhaps you could return a little later?
Or possibly not at all?
Thank you.
Goodbye for now.”

Yes, a quiet word with one’s anger.
You’d be surprised how often that works,
When your cooler head should prevail.

Which, let’s face it, is always.

As human beings, we are blest
With emotions.
Some, good and beneficial.

Others, not so.

Zen teaches that an attempt can be made
To control our emotions,
(Both the good and the bad!)

To live a better life.

Not better than others.
You know I didn’t mean that.
But a better life 

Because controlling our emotions
Reduces their sway 
And allows us to minimize

The importance of things 
Upon our lives.
Whether big or small.

So that, minimizing the importance of things, 
We can stop dancing
The dance of the desperate!

And live in happiness through loving kindness.
 Kindness to others.
Kindness to ourselves.

With a heart full of love
And the blessings
Of the gods!

Because we try to do what’s right
(For instance control one’s anger)
In a confusing, ever-changing world.

A world in need of zen. 

If we remember 
To use our zen

It can cool.

I wonder.
Why are people smiling?

Because my anger is gone.

My zen asked it to leave
And after putting up a little resistance,
It went.

I hate to speak ill of those not present,
But isn’t it nicer around here,
Without my anger?

Don’t worry though.
Like many 
An unwanted guest,

He’ll be back.

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