Tuesday, May 9, 2017

“I Have a Thing for My Swimming Pool”

“I Have a Thing for My Swimming Pool”

I have a thing for my swimming pool.
16,000 gallons of good zen!

Apart from many other reasons
To have a thing for a swimming pool,
Such as its beauty,
Its fun, 
Or its health benefits,
My swimming pool seems to say,

“Put aside your cares and enjoy life!”

I especially like to swim at night,
When I have the pool all to myself.
I take off my clothes
And stand naked in the moonlight.
Just me and the pool and the delicious darkness.
And my zen of course.

That makes four of us, doesn’t it?
Maybe I wasn’t as alone with the night
As I thought I was.

Anyway, tonight 
I thought I’d have a swim.
So I took my clothes off as usual.
And I stood, as usual, naked 
In the moonlight for a minute or two.
The light breeze felt good.

Then I stepped to the pool’s edge
And looked down into the water.
I could see the full moon’s image 
Reflected upon the dark, still surface.

And I began to think…

I thought of the cosmos,
Of it’s precision and vastness.
I thought of the moon reflected,
Whirling around the earth once a month
Without ever changing her expression.
I thought of the Earth.
Our beautiful Earth.
The planet we stand upon,
And how rich it is with plenty for all,

If we could only learn to share.

Then I thought of you and I. 
Small, fragile, imperfect.
But capable of love 
And to some degree, 
Of understanding. 
And my heart ached to realize
One day we’ll be nothing but dust.

Us and everything we ever knew.

But we’ll go on together, you and I, my love!
The essences of ourselves will go on together
To the stars and beyond 
The vastness of forever
To eternity!

Is love that strong?

Standing naked at the pool’s edge,
Alone in the delicious night,
I thought how every minute 
That has ever gone before, 
Eons of time amounting to trillions of years 
Of human development
From caveman to spaceman to superman,
Has led us to this point!
This very second!

The second I was occupying.
The here and now.

I looked into the water and saw
With more than just my eyes.
I was seeing with zen!
And with this wonderful zen-sight
I saw how everything is interconnected,
Coming down and through and into all of us. 
Everything that ever was
Or ever will be!
Past present future! 
You me all!

All this I visualized
In the blink of an eye
As I stared into my swimming pool.
Then I closed my eyes…
Took a deep breath…

And dove in.