Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Monday Zen

“Zen Can Do Anything”

My zen and I 
Had a couple of drinks last night.

You didn’t think that zen could drink?
That it was against zen’s religion or something?

Ha Ha! 
Don’t make me laugh.
Zen can do anything!

Anyway, as I was saying,
We had a couple last night,
My zen and I.

Now that I think about it,
Nothing was achieved.

I missed my dinner.
I spent my wages.
I stepped on the cat’s tail when I arrived home.

And now my head hurts.

“My Camera Helps Me Find My Zen”

My camera helps me find my zen.

I think it’s the way it makes me see the world.
To look upon things without distraction
And allow my eye to fall in love.

That’s the zen of it!

My camera helps me find beauty, too.
To see it right in front of my face
When it was there all the time.

That’s zen at work.

Beauty and zen share many traits.
You could probably name a dozen easily,
So I won’t bother, except to remind you…

That one cannot exist without the other.

“The Zen of Crows”
(Previously published July 20, 2015)

A murder of crows landed in the large oak tree 
That overhangs my home.
That’s what you call a gathering of these large, black birds.
A murder.

Who thought up that name, I wonder?
It is very zen!

Anyway, from beneath the tree 
I watched and listened,
While I drank some tea.

The crows were very noisy and active.
I might even call it confused or chaotic.
They seemed to be without zen.

I put down my tea,
And clapped my hands loudly 
As I rose from my seat.

“Where’s your zen?” I shouted.

The crows took flight
And circled overhead. 
Then as if by mutual consent 

They flew away to the north
Making a beautiful pattern 
Against the clear blue sky.

“Aha,” I said to myself.
“There’s the zen.”

“Keep Your Shiny Side Up!”

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
That is the name of a famous book
I once read a million years ago.

But I didn’t understand it too well.

Maybe it’s my fault 
That I didn’t understand it.
Maybe it’s the author’s.

Who can say?
Understanding doesn’t come easily
To anybody.

But I don’t blame my zen for that.

Who but an imbecile 
Would be stupid enough 
To find fault with their zen?

Not me.
I understand that much.

I like motorcycles.
I have since I was a boy.
I especially like riding them.

It is a very zen-like experience.
The freedom.
The speed.

The chance to empty my mind 
Of all but the road ahead.
The strangely relaxed tension

Of body, mind, and machine.
United as one,
Working in harmony 

To execute a perfect corner,
Or avoid being crushed 
By that eighteen-wheeler!

Yes! It’s quite a thrill
To ride a motorcycle!

And live to tell about it.

I guess, after reading that book, 
That I understand the zen of riding… 
Better than I do the zen of fixing.

But that’s okay.
So long as I don’t 
Confuse the two.

And remember to 
Keep my shiny side up.

“The Odds of Zen”

“I don’t have time for zen today.”

You may think that statement is true.

But it’s not.

There’s always time for zen.
It only takes a minute.
Sometimes even less.

But it can last you all day.
Maybe even a lifetime.
How do you like those odds?

And it’s free too.
I’m offering it to you now.
You simply have to reach out and take it.

I’m no mathematician 
Or economist.
But I know this much;

Zen offers a great return 
For your investment. 

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