Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"3 Spring Zens"

“Dinosaur Zen” 
(Previously published as Television Zen July 10, 2015. Edited since.)

I was watching TV last night.
It was a movie about prehistoric times.
Although, it being prehistoric, 
How would they know?

A young woman with big breasts 
In a little costume 
Was fighting a dinosaur.

She had plenty of zen!
Her zen was in her bravery
As she fought the dinosaur.

And in her costume,
Which struggled to contain her.

Just in the nick of time a handsome muscleman 
In another tiny costume came along.
He quickly assessed the situation

And knew just what to do.
His zen was mighty!
His zen was the zen of valor!

He fought and slew the dinosaur.

Then he was kissed by the movie cavewoman 
With the big you-know-whats.
The camera made sure I saw

Them crushing against his manly chest,
Straining to break free from the tiny costume,
While the dinosaur 

In the background writhed and bled.
For him the straining was over.
Then as the music swelled 

Up came the words,
The End.

I wonder where 
That dinosaur is now?

He had the most zen of all.

“Zen in Outer Space”
(Previously published Aug 28, 2015. Edited since.)

Is there zen in outer space?
Or is it just the sound 
Of no hands clapping?

It appears empty.
Yet it is fuller than we know.
It is even filled with things we cannot see,

But can only, 
For the time being,
Guess at.

Yes, outer space is 
Beautiful and mysterious.
Like zen is.

And patiently awaits 
Our further discovery.
Like zen does.

But, and here’s the difference,
Unlike outer space,
Zen is everywhere!

There is an endless supply of zen 
In the universe!

But only so much space.

“Zen in a Canna Leaf”

I saw some zen this morning, 
In sunlight 
Beaming through a canna leaf.

I try to be observant.

Especially in my garden,
Because you never know 
What you might see.

The sunlight is strong around here in the morning.
Strong enough 
To pass through a canna leaf anyway.

To pass through and nourish,
Leaving a trace 
Of beauty behind.

A miracle for my brain 
To ponder,
And my heart to delight in!

Thank you, creator!

For eyes and heart 
That see beauty 
All around me.

Beauty in the simplest things…
The normally unnoticed things…
The unchancy things…

Thank you for that beauty, too!
And for the understanding 

That flows from Zen.

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