Tuesday, August 9, 2016

“Seven Summer Zens”

I Delight in My Zen!  

I delight in my zen!

Without it, 
Where would I be?

It’s hard to imagine.

Don’t Forget Your Zen

I met my zen as I came home from a meeting.
“No need to tell me how it went,” said my zen.
“I can tell by the look on your face.”

It hadn’t gone very well.
Nothing was achieved.
Time was wasted.
Tempers flared.
A terrible meeting.

No wonder.
I’d left my zen at home.
What a fool I can be!

I should have taken it with me.

Laughing Zen is Strong Zen

Sometimes my zen likes to play a little trick on me.
It lets me believe that I’m clever,
Or kind, 
Or faithful,
Otherwise better than I am.

Then it shows me how wrong I can be.
“Ha! Ha!” it laughs at my silly self-importance. 
“You’re funny.”

Reminding me 
That I ain’t so important, 
And that life is crazy.

So why take it seriously?

It has a good sense of humor,
My zen does,
And it loves to laugh!

Sometimes with me.
Sometimes at me.

So what?
Let it laugh.

Laughing zen is strong zen.

Zen and Writing

The zen of writing, 
I’ve heard it called.
What is that, I wonder?

As a writer I wish I could get more 
Of this zen stuff into my work.
I know it would improve my writing.

Which I admit needs improving.

But I’m not just a writer.
I’m a human being too,
Most of the time.

As a human being, 
I’m not so sure.
Do I need improving?

Sometimes I wish I could get more 
Of this zen stuff into my life.
But then I think; 

Aren’t I as good as the gods could make me?

Ha! Ha! That’s right! I am!
And I’ve got all the zen I need, too!
Right here… inside myself.

Of course, it’s everywhere,
This wonderful zen stuff.
All around and down and through everything.
Forever and ever.

All I have to do 
Is remember to use it.

That should bring some improvement.

My Zen and I Get Along Great

My zen and I get along great.
We’re real pals.

Not all the time though.
That would be impossible.
After all, even the best of friends 
Must disagree sometimes, yes?

But it’s no problem when we quarrel.
Life goes on.
Just not as well.

It’s when I’m without zen 
That I need it the most.

It’s like faith.
You need it the most 
When it’s the hardest to find.

Zen and Faith 
Share many traits.
They’re great pals.

I Get My Zen From Anywhere I Can Find It

I get my zen from anywhere I can find it.

Which is everywhere.
That’s the beauty of it!
Of zen there is an endless supply.

But it’s not as easy as you think.
Sometimes it’s very difficult.
Recognizing it when you hold it in your hand.

Zen and Big Cities

Seoul, Mexico City, Osaka, Manila, Mumbai, Harare, Jakarta, Lagos, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Karachi, Lima, Bogota, Kinshasa, Shanghai, Budapest, Hong Kong, Munich, 
Bangkok, Miami, Kuala Lumper, Paris,
New York, Madrid, Auckland, Johannesburg,
Sao Paulo, Sydney, Moscow, Rome, 
London, Tokyo, Helsinki, Rio de Janeiro…

These great cities are
Miracles of human endeavor!

Many more dot our planet.
Perhaps you are reading this
From a place within one right now.

One day these 
And the other great cities 
Will be gone.

They’ll be dust.
Not zen though.

Zen lasts forever.
But don’t worry.
So do you.

See you on the other side.

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