Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Discarded Flower Zen

I found a flower today,
Laying upon a grass verge
That borders a busy highway.

It didn’t belong 
On the grass verge,
That was obvious. 

The flower was a type of orchid
Found on large, tropical trees
In southeast Asia.

Or more likely, in Florida where I live,
Found in floral bouquets
For sale in drugstores, near the checkout counter.

Automobiles on the busy highway 
Screamed by just a few feet away,
Unnerving me slightly.

I looked at the flower
And wondered,
“How did you get here?”

After all, everything has a story.
Even a discarded flower.

Then I looked up 
And noticed other flowers
Of the same type 

Scattered along the road’s edge,
And I assumed 
The flower I looked at

Was indeed once part 
Of a drugstore bouquet.
Thrown from a speeding car, I wondered?

Tossed out in anger to wilt at road’s edge,
While in the car a fighting couple 
Travelled on for miles and miles?

They fought all the way home, I imagined,
Him driving grimly and her crying, 
Both saying things they later regretted.

Yes, like all lovers do.
Even you and your lover, I’ll bet.
I know it’s true about me, and mine.

I gazed at the discarded flower by the side of the road, 
And a little sadness touched my heart.
Luckily, the terrifying scream 

Of hurtling automobiles
Just a few feet away 
Soon distracted me from this kind of thinking!

Get away, Sadness! 
I said to the feeling within myself,
And watch out for that speeding truck!

However it came to exist,
Deserves my attention, too.

Let me enjoy 
This moment of beauty
While it lasts, 

Without fear or distraction.
As I should also 
Attempt to enjoy my life.

Then I looked 
With new, loving eyes of zen
At the beautiful, discarded flower,

And the noise and sadness
Of this world…
Melted into nothingness.

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