Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One-a-Day Zen Poems

“Something Good is Bound to Happen”

I’m a big fan of zen.
Once I realized what it was.
Funny, but I had it all along
And didn’t know it.

You have to relax 
And let the beauty of it
Come down and through
And into you, 
In order for it to work.

Sometimes, that’s the hard part.
Letting go and relaxing.
So don’t worry if it hasn’t 
Happened to you yet.
There’s still plenty of time.

Remember, whatever 
Should happen, will happen.
Just keep yourself ready.
Listen to your heart.

And read my zen poems.
If you do then I guarantee
Eventually something good 
Is bound to happen…

To at least one of us.

“Morning Zen”

With the morning sun 
I feel my zen rising.
I suppose I’m a morning person, 
As they call it.

But really I’m just a person.
Morning, noon or night.
I have my victories and defeats.
Like you do.

One day I’ll be dead.
Then it won’t matter 
Which was which.

And if it won’t matter 
Which was which after I’m dead,
Why would it matter now?


“Listening for My Zen”

I thought I heard my zen calling,
So I listened with all my might.

But it was only the wind.

The wind which constantly rushes 
From the mountains to the sea.
And back again.

The wind that never rests.

Don’t listen to the wind as it rushes past.
You’re just wasting your time.
Real zen comes from within.

Try listening there.

After all, it’s in our souls
To feel such things.
Search your heart and see the truth of that.

With a little soul-searching 
A new beginning has been made…


“I Found Some Zen in a Palm Tree”

I found some zen today in a palm tree.
It must have been there a long time, 
For the palm is quite old.
Or maybe it was just resting in the palm tree 
When I happened along and found it.

Who knows?
Not me.

Zen’s like that.
It can be anywhere.

Waiting to be found.

“I Saw My Zen in the Clouds Today”

I saw zen in the clouds today.
But that’s no trick.
Zen is everywhere.

If you know how to look.

“My Zen Pulls Me Through”

In a tight spot
My zen pulls me through.
It always has.

Through what 
I’m not completely sure.
It’s difficult to know these days.
Although I try to hide it,
I ain’t so smart.

It’s a good thing my zen 
Knows what it’s doing.
Your’s does too,
Whether you realize it or not.

That’s the beauty of it!

“My Zen is Free For The Taking!”

My zen doesn’t come cheap,
Yet it’s free for the taking.
How is that, I wonder?

Oh well.
This world is full of contrasts,
And doesn’t always make sense.

Hardly ever does, really.
Make sense I mean.
That is the way of the world.

But it would be nice 
If this poem made sense.
So to get back to my point…

My zen is free for the taking!

You see, zen is like love.
The more you give away…
The more you gather in.

So please, take some with you.
To nourish you on your journey.
Or for any other reason you choose.

After all, it’s your zen too 
And always was,
To do with as you please.

Go ahead. Help yourself!
Don’t worry about me.
I’ll be fine.

Remember, there is an endless supply 
Of zen in the universe.
Plenty for all.

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