Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Three More Zen Poems

Three More Zen Poems

“Zen Only Takes a Minute”

Good morning, fellow traveller.
Or afternoon, if that applies.
Care to join me 

In a little zen?

Okay, get comfortable.
Empty your mind.

Now, take a deep breath.
Hold it…
Breathe out.

Breathe In. 
Hold it…
Breathe out.


Think of nothing 
But your breathing

Breathe In… 
Hold it…
Breathe out.


Feel better?

Perhaps for a moment
You’ve stilled the monkey noises
In your head.

That was easy, wasn’t it?
Zen only takes a minute

To learn.

A lifetime to master.

“No Internet, Plenty of Zen”

No internet this morning.
But surprise surprise we didn’t panic.
Our world didn’t collapse.

After all, we’ve still got our health
And our golden house 
With rocket car in the garage.

There’s a nice
Zen garden in the back, too,
Just a few steps from my office,

Where I’ve spent many happy hours.
So, I put my computer to sleep
And went outside

With an eye of zen
(Which is to say an eye of love!)
To take photographs

Of flowers and plants 
And things from nature,
So close at hand.

Because beauty is everywhere,
If we would just see it.
Like zen is.

Hmmm, no internet, eh?

Think I’ll knock off
And head for a garden.

See you tomorrow.

“Morning Zen”

With the morning sun 
I feel my zen rising.
I suppose I’m a morning person, 
As they call it.

But really I’m just a person.
Morning, noon or night.
I have my victories and defeats.
Like you do.

One day I’ll be dead.
Then it won’t matter 
Which was which.

And if it won’t matter 
Which was which after I’m dead,
Why would it matter now?


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