Tuesday, September 13, 2016

“The Zen of Elvis”

“The Zen of Elvis”

You have to draw the line somewhere.

That’s a common saying where I come from.
Maybe you too.
I wonder if it’s true?

Many things 
Accepted as fact in this world,
Are not.

And believing does not always make it so.
(Although it certainly helps.)

Elvis Presley believed it.
You can do anything you want, he sang,
But baby,
Don’t step on my blue suede shoes.

Elvis drew the line
At stepping upon his shoes.
Or maybe at stepping upon
A particular pair of shoes.
I’m not sure.

Who cares?
My zen doesn’t give a crap about such things!

Sorry Elvis.
Yet my zen wouldn’t tread upon your shoes,
Or harm you in any way,
Or hinder you or otherwise impede your life,
(Or, in your case, your death)
Unless it was ultimately, cosmically, good for you.

Of that I am certain.

You or me or Elvis or anybody.
Our essences will travel through time
Unharmed by the vicissitudes that may befall,
Because they are immortal.

That’s a reassuring thought.

So go ahead!
Draw a few lines if you must.
If it makes you feel any better.
But please remember that ultimately
You are wasting your time.
Because sooner or later,
Things will change,
Giving the line you drew 
No meaning whatsoever.

And Elvis,
If you’re reading this,
Say hi to everybody for me.
See you,
In the cosmic scheme of things, 
Very soon.

“My Zen Loves a Laugh, Part 2”

My zen’s got a great sense of humor.
It loves a laugh!

I’m glad of that,
Because after all, who enjoys 
Being around a sourpuss?

Yes, my zen loves a laugh.
Especially at my expense.

But I don’t mind,
I can afford it
Because, apart from a little humility,
It doesn’t cost me a thing.

My zen is laughing at me all the time.
Laughing at me to remind me
How senseless it is
In this crazy world
To take things too seriously!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

So go ahead!
Why don’t you 
And your zen
Join me and my zen
In a good belly-laugh?

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!

Yes! Let’s all laugh together!
To remind ourselves that 
Life is ridiculous! 

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha!

Have you ever noticed 
How contagious 
Laughter is?

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!

And how difficult 
It is to stop laughing,
Once you’ve begun?

Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ha! Ha!
Oh boy! Woo! 
Ha Ha Ha!
Ha! Ha! Ha! 

I think I just peed myself.

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