Tuesday, September 20, 2016

“It Don’t Pay to Eat Too Much on an Empty Stomach”

“It Don’t Pay to Eat Too Much on an Empty Stomach”

It don’t pay to eat too much 
On an empty stomach.
No, nor to slumber too long 
When you’ve been without sleep.

And how about the one that advises
Not drinking too much 
When you’ve been without water for a while
And you’re really thirsty?

Old wives’ tales?
Or good advice?

With zen,
Where with most things 
Moderation is the gentle goal,

Less is more.

So it’s probably good advice.

By the way.
If it don’t pay to eat too much 
On an empty stomach,
Does it pay to think too much

With an empty mind?

“Evil Zen?”

See no evil,
Hear no evil,
Speak no evil.

Wonderful idea!

But wait a minute…

If that’s how you are,
With no evil to speak, see, or hear,
(And let us not forget our other senses,
For the touching and smelling and tasting of evil),

Then you must be dead.

Because evil, 
Which in this imperfect world
We call suffering,
Is all around us all the time,
And cannot be avoided
At any cost.

From the tiniest ant to the mighty elephant,
And every other living thing as well,
(Including and especially humans),
We all must suffer.

Thank goodness for zen!
A way to find a way
To begin to understand 
The true state of things,
And with this understanding
Make adjustments
To your thinking
In order to live 
A happier life.

Another wonderful idea!

After all,
Doesn’t Happiness
Destroy Evil?
Or at least make it wish
That it hadn’t gotten
Out of bed that morning?

So don’t worry about evil.
Who cares what it smells like?
Or anything else about it!
Get over it.
You’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Learn to unattach yourself 
From the things around you,
And then when you’ve learned that,
Unattach yourself 
From yourself.

Remember there is an unlimited 
Amount of zen in the universe!
Enough for the Happiness
Of everybody!

Take all you need.

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