Friday, October 2, 2015

Zen For Breakfast

Zen For Breakfast

And now for that very zen-like of questions.
Which came first?
The chicken or the egg?

Or should I say
The egg or the chicken,
Just to be fair?

My zen doesn’t care.
Either way is fine.
You see,
With zen, although not strictly necessary,
It helps to be a vegetarian. 

As long as there’s some hot tea
And a little muesli or fruit for breakfast,
With some zen to be found close by,
(In a garden perhaps)
I’m happy.

So who cares about chickens?
Or their eggs?
Forget it!

Still hungry?
Of course you are.
We all are at times.
That’s human nature.
So go ahead.
Help yourself.
Zen will nourish you for the journey ahead.

I say again to help yourself!
No need to go hungry.
Help yourself to all the zen you need.
There’s plenty for everybody!

Oh, and don’t forget.
Please remember to mindfully enjoy 
The banquet of life 
Spread before you.

How Much Zen Does a Squirrel Have?

How much zen 
Does a squirrel have?

A squirrel, for those of you
Not from around here,
(And let’s face it.
How could you all be from around here?
That would be impossible.
Somebody has to be from somewhere else.)
A squirrel is a type of crepuscular
(Look it up.
I had to.)
It rather resembles a large rat, but with a bushy tail.

I hope that helps.
No matter where you’re from,
On this earth or off it,
You probably know a rat when you meet one.

Anyway, about the squirrel.
How much zen does it have?
Does it have any more than a beetle?
Or a whale?
Or me?
Or a rat?

There is an unlimited amount of zen in the universe.
Of that I am certain.
So I don’t suppose it matters
How much zen a squirrel might have.

I remind you again that there is plenty of zen in this universe!
Plenty for everybody.
So don’t be afraid.
Go ahead.
Use all you want.
The squirrels won’t miss it.

My Zen is All Around Me

My zen is all around me.
It is everywhere and never-ending.
It was there at the beginning.
It’ll be there at the …
Oops! I almost forgot.
No ending. 
It is big yet small.
Shallow yet deep.
Hot yet cold.
Sweet yet tart.

All this and more is my zen.
It is everything.
Yours is too.
Because they are the same thing,
Your zen and mine.

Now that we have recognized in each other our kindred zen,
Making us brothers and sisters,
Let us ponder together.

Do you agree that everything within our comprehension, 
Whatever it might be,
Exists within our minds?
That all one’s experiences are stored there?
Whether real or imagined?
That is where everything exists, isn’t it?
Inside the mind of the comprehender?

We agree.
It’s simple really.

All things are possible with zen.

But it is difficult
For zen to exist
Within the mind of a numbskull.

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