Friday, October 16, 2015

Are You Getting Enough Zen?

Are You Getting Enough Zen?

Excuse me.
I hate to interrupt.
I see you’re busy.
Living life sometimes takes all we’ve got, doesn’t it?

Looks like that’s the case with you right now.
You seem to be coping well.
And that’s all we can hope to do.
Cope well.

But I have a question.
Because I love you.
(Although I know that gives me no special privileges,
This love of mine.)

My question is this:
Are you getting enough zen?

Because zen is important.
I could lend you some if you’re short.
I’ve been doing well lately 
And currently I’ve got plenty.

Not bragging.
Just saying.

Wouldn’t want to piss my zen off by bragging.
You see, my zen does all the work
And I take all the credit.

Remember as you cope 
That zen works that way for you too.
For me and you both.
That’s the beauty of it!

Zen and the Big Bang

My zen rushes out,
Like everything else,
From the big bang when they say things began.

Rushing out into the universe.
A universe that is ever expanding
And has no end.

Big stuff!

My zen was there at the beginning.
And it will be there in the …
Oh, that’s right.
There is no end.
But my zen will still be there,
(Wherever that is)
Nourishing me.

For the essence of me will still exist and require nourishing.
No matter how far the universe expands.

In the meantime
It’s hard to know where I fit
Into all this rushing vastness.
I feel so small and inconsequential.

So what!

As long as I’m along for the ride,
Rushing into infinity with my zen, 
What should I care?

Arthur’s Zen

When I was a lad.
It seems a thousand centuries ago,
But really it was 1969.
(Although with zen as strong as mine,
I’m not denying the possibility that it could have been a thousand centuries ago
And still be 1969.)

Anyway, when I was a lad
I began my working life
At the bottom of a road construction ditch.
I shoveled the shit that had accumulated there,
From the bottom of the ditch to the top.

Our gang boss was named Arthur.
He was feared by all,
For he could be a violent man
When he wanted something
Or thought he had been wronged.
Which seemed to be often.

It was only years later,
When the concept of zen became more clear to me,
That I realized what a great zen master Arthur was.

He was indifferent to everything.
Hot or cold didn’t matter.
Good or bad didn’t matter.
You or me didn’t matter.
Nothing mattered.

As long as he got his way.

Of course Arthur didn’t realize he was instructing me.
Giving me, for my pains,
Of which he himself caused a few
With a cuff to the ear at the bottom of a shitty ditch
All those years ago,
A lesson in life.
Yes, he didn’t realize he was giving me
An insight into the way things are.

Which is what zen is after all.

He’s been dead a long time,
Arthur has.
I wonder where he is now?
I probably never said thank you
For all the knowledge he gave me.

So from the year 2015,
Wherever you are, 
I thank you!

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