Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where's My Zen?

Where’s My Zen?

Who put my zen where it is?
That’s a silly question.
Nobody did!

It was there the whole time.

The Answer Is Yes

Is zen good?
Or bad?


Is it big?
Or small?

Again yes.

Is zen …?

Wait a minute.
Sorry to interrupt.
I think I know where this is going,
And I have the answer already.

Which is very zen, don’t you think?

Anyway, I know the answer to your question
Before you even pose it.
Whatever your question is,
If it’s regarding zen,
The answer is yes.

It’s All the Same to Zen

I needed plenty of zen yesterday.
I had to do something I didn’t want to do.

So what!
That’s life, right?
We all have to do stuff we don’t want to do.
Stop whining.
And be glad for the opportunity to live another day.

For you never know what tomorrow will bring.

That’s strong zen.
An answer like that.

Anyway, I had to do something I didn’t want to do,
Which required plenty of zen.
I went to the doctor.
A dermatologist, to be exact.

After waiting in a crowded reception area
For a very long time,
I was shown to a cold little room
By a cold little nurse.

“Doctor will be with you soon,” she said.
“Please disrobe down to your underwear.”
Then she left.
I sat in my underwear and waited.

Doctor arrived and said hello,
Everything okay?
He put on some funny looking magnifying spectacles 
And he looked me over.

Hmmmm, he said.
Then he cut something from my face.

Something he thinks might possibly, eventually, kill me.
Great big cancers 
From tiny abnormalities grow, 
Was the way he put it.

By the temple.
On the hairline.
A tiny freckle.
He sent it for analysis.

A biopsy, he called it.
“We’ll see,” he said.
“I’ll call you in a week or ten days 
With the results,” he promised.

Don’t worry, he also promised,
No matter what,
Whether it’s good news or bad,
That he’d give me a call.

Good or bad,
It was all the same to him.
Extremely zen!

My Zen Does All the Work

People from all over the world ask me about my zen.
We’re nearly famous, my zen and I.
It’s getting to be
Like I was an internet zen-sation.

Ha ha.
That was a joke.
In case you missed it.

At times it’s difficult being a human being.
Don’t you agree?
But no one promised it would be easy, did they?

Sometimes a joke can help.
Sometimes not.
Depends on the joke, I suppose.

Yes, we’re getting famous.
My zen and I.
That’s okay with me.
You see, my zen does all the work
And I take all the credit.

My zen doesn’t complain though.
That’s not it’s style.

It just keeps working for me,
(If I remember to use it)
Faithfully working.
Forever and ever.

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