Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Sound of No Hands Clapping

More Selections from the Soon-to-be
Possibly Forthcoming Book Entitled;
Rusty’s Zen Moments

Undoubted Zen (pg. 33)

I have never doubted my zen.
It has brought me to where I am.
It has always been with me.
From before this life to well beyond it.

“In perpetuity and throughout the universe.”
As my Disney contract used to say.
Forever and ever and everywhere.

That’s big talk.
But don’t worry,
They weren’t bragging.

They really did own 
The work I produced for them,
And any subsidiary spin-offs,
Throughout time and space.

About my zen.
I wasn’t bragging about that either.
It really has helped bring me 
To where I am.

Yes, I worked for Walt Disney.
After he was dead, of course.
I’m old but not that old.
My zen was strong and I was lucky,
And got to grasp my dreams of being an animator.

I even got to work with Mickey Mouse!
Which was a dream come true.

He was difficult to draw though.
At least he was for me.
You had to get him just right
Or he didn’t look like Mickey Mouse at all.

And you know what?
When I worked with him I discovered that
He was even nicer in person 
Than he is in the movies!

The really big stars are like that, they say.
Hard working.
Considerate of others.
Kind to their inferiors.

Like zen is.

Who Put My Zen Where It Is? (pg. 39)

Who put my zen where it is?
That’s a silly question.
I did.

The Zen of Strawberries (pg. 39)

Strawberries are very zen.
They are natural, simple, beautiful things.
And they taste good too.
That’s strong zen.

Strawberries are good for you as well.
So I’m told and do believe.
Except for the whipped cream we put on them
To make the sweet even sweeter.

Put down your whipped cream I say!
And let the zen take over.

Empty your mind.

Let nothing interfere with the strawberry 
And your experience of it.
Touch it.
Lift it to your nose.
Smell it.
Feel it on your lips.
Bite it.
Now feel it inside your mouth.
Yielding between your teeth.
Taste it.
Chew it.
Your tongue exploring, pushing, probing.
Swallow it.
The taste is savored as your throat works and …
Down it goes to a thankful stomach,
There to begin another phase of its metamorphosis
Into shit.

From food of the gods.
To food of the worms.
For are we not gods, you and I?

And tomorrow?
Same thing.
Only eventually, we are the food.
That’s the zen of it!

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