Thursday, August 6, 2015

Zen is Everywhere

I like a cup of tea with my zen in the morning.
I yawn and stretch and start to awaken.
Then I look for some zen in the things around me.
My garden usually.

Gardens are strong in the way of zen.
That’s obvious.
Step outside and look for yourself.

I have visited many gardens around the world.
I am very lucky to have done this I know.
But this isn’t about my luck.
It’s about gardens,
And how every one I’ve ever visited had plenty of zen.

Now that I think about it.
Every place I’ve ever visited had plenty of zen.

Not just gardens,
But great cities past and present,
The limitless ocean, the high mountains,
The cool forests.
On glaciers and sand dunes.
It’s everywhere.

You just have to remember to look for it.

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