Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Zen Friday

Zen in Outer Space

Is there zen in outer space?
Or is it just the sound of no hands clapping?

It appears empty out there.
Yet it is fuller than we know.
It is even filled with things we cannot see,
But can only, 
For the time being,
Guess at.

Yes, outer space is beautiful and mysterious.
Just like zen is.
And it patiently awaits our further discovery.
Just like zen does.
But, and here’s the difference,
Unlike outer space,
Zen is everywhere!

There is an endless supply of zen 
In the universe!

Blast off!
That’s my advice.
Leave this planet now and then.
There’s plenty of zen out there,
Beyond the confines of this earth.

Zen on the I-95

“Empty the pond to get to the fish!”

For many years I didn’t know 
What was meant by that remark.
It sounds very zen-like I thought,
And ought to be comprehended.

Then one day it struck me.
It wasn’t while I was fishing.
It wasn’t while I was idling in a canoe on a pond
(Although I’ve done both of those things).
It was while I was driving along the I-95.

I was doing about seventy-five.
When it came to me about the fish and the pond.
Of course, zen being zen,
I realized,
There is no answer.

That’s the beauty of it!

That’s in Florida, by the way.
The I-95.
Not the pond.
I don’t know where that is.

My zen doesn’t bother with details like that.

Trust Your Zen

“Trust yourself,” my zen said to me.

“Everything you need for this life 
Is right inside you,” said my zen.

(I’m a big believer in zen,
You might have noticed.)

“I’d rather trust you,” I answered.

“Same thing, dummy,” replied my zen.

The Bravery of Zen

There was a storm last night.
Buckets of rain.
Bolts of lightning.
And many claps of thunder.
Very many.
Very loud.
The cat hid under the couch,
And wouldn’t come out.

But my zen was there,
Standing right beside me,
Holding my hand.

Me and My Zen Will Be Long Gone 

You don’t have to bury me when I’m dead,
Or cremate me or float me down a river,
(As lovely as that sounds)
Or any ceremony else.
What will I care after I’m dead?

But I hope you’ll wait at least that long
Before disposing of the body.

Ha Ha.
That was a joke to lighten the situation,
Which was getting heavy with Death.

All joking aside,
I must ask again.
No funeral ceremony, please. 
Nothing like that for me when I die, thank you.

Unless you need it
For your own sake.
To help you deal with our friend Death,
Who’s always hanging around.

It’s no problem to me.
With strong zen like mine,
After I’m dead …
I’ll be long gone!

See you on the other side.

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