Friday, July 31, 2015

Full Moon Zen

I saw some zen in the full moon last night.
Or rather say I saw some zen
In the moon’s reflection.

For I’d carefully placed a bucket
Half-filled with water
In a little clearing out back between the palm trees,
To catch the moon’s reflection
If it happened by this way.

Ha! Ha! So big and glorious an object
Caught in my old bucket!

I approached the bucket carefully,
Hoping to see the moon I’d caught.
How it gleamed in the dark water!
A perfect little moon.

I gazed into the bucket
And reflected upon the moon's reflection.
Then, emptying my mind,
I found some zen there.

After awhile I turned from gazing into the bucket
To look upon the real thing
Hanging in the sky overhead.
How it gleamed in the dark sky!
A perfect little moon.

Hmmm, I thought.
It’s wonderful to have a moon above us.
A friendly influence in high places.
A heavenly cameo shining brightly
To light our way in the night.

A moon to ponder upon and gain courage from.
To inspire both the lovesick
And the lunatics.
And the rest of us too.
(Although lovesick or lunatic
Probably covers everybody.)

Oh moon!
Forever flying the skies you make friendly,
Thank you for your zen.


  1. Oh, the happy ranks of being a lovesick lunatic. La Luna inspires me always ~ as do you! Thanks for a lovely post, Rusy!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Kathy. Glad you enjoyed it. Who better than you to understand my personal association with lunacy?
      Is it Friday where you are?
      Cheers, mate!
      Down the hatch!