Monday, July 20, 2015

Five Zen Monday

Fresh Zen

My zen is fresh today.
There’s nothing wrong with yesterday’s zen.
It’s still good.

But that was yesterday.
This is today.

Zen is like food.
You need it everyday.
Even if today you are sated,
And everything’s just ducky,
There is still tomorrow.

That’s the beauty of it!
One needs fresh zen everyday
To nourish you for life’s journey.

See you tomorrow.

The Zen of Crows

A murder of crows landed in the large oak tree 
That overhangs my home.
That’s what you call a gathering of these large black birds.
A murder.

Who thought up that name, I wonder?
It is very zen!

Anyway, from beneath the tree 
I watched and listened,
While I drank some tea.

The crows were very noisy and active.
I might even call it confused or chaotic.
They seemed to be without zen.

I put down my tea,
And I clapped my hands 
As I arose from my seat shouting.
“Where’s your zen?” I shouted.

The crows took flight
And circled overhead. 
Then as if by mutual consent
As one they flew away to the north
Making a beautiful pattern against the clear blue sky.

“Aha,” I said to myself.
“There’s the zen.”

Underwater Zen

I went swimming in the rain today.
Not something one usually does in Florida.
Usually when it rains in Florida,
It pours!
With plenty of lightning too.

Hence no swimming in the rain.

But today was different.
Maybe it’s global warming,
But today it rained with no lightning.
The pool looked inviting,
So in I went!

But before that I stripped down
And I stood in the rain
Getting wet.
Enjoying the experience.
Naked in the rain.

“You could stand to lose a few pounds,” said my zen.

“Really?” I answered.

Screw you 
I thought.
Then I jumped in.

Underwater in the pool
I could hear the rain pattering
Above me at the water’s surface.
As I held my breath
I could hear my blood in my ears,
Pounding through my veins.
But in my distraction with these noises
I couldn’t hear my zen.

When I came up for air,
As one must inevitably do,
I saw flashes in the sky.

“C’mon,” said my zen.
“You’d better get out of the pool.
There’s a storm coming.”

Then I heard the thunder.

“Thank you,” I said, taking the towel
My zen offered as I stepped from the pool.

The next lightning flash was brighter,
The thunder louder, closer.

“Sorry,” I added while drying off,
“About the screw you.”

Smart Zen

My zen doesn’t think.
It knows.

Creative Director Zen

“Hey!” I said to Trooper
During a recent video-shoot.

(Trooper is the Rusty Pliers Brand Creative Director.
He is responsible for every aspect of Rusty’s look
From book covers to business cards to posters
To web design to google pages to Rusty’s clothes and hairdo
And even what brand of gin 
Rusty passes out holding…)

He’s the real genius behind the patch.

“Hell!” as Rusty would say,
“Trooper thought up the blasted patch!”
Which is such perfect Rusty because 
It should be the truth but it’s a lie.
(I do need the patch.)

Only Rusty would’ve used more curse words.

It’s true about everything else. 
All I do is write the stuff, 
And show up to be
Videoed or photographed.

“In these videos you’re making lately
I’m always looking like an angry old drunk,”
I said to Trooper.

“I’m supposed to look
Like a wise zen master,
Ain’t I?” I asked.

“What are you doing wrong?” I wondered.

I glared at Trooper
While I sipped my third G&T of the morning
And guess what?

I experienced a zen moment.

I really was
The Angry,

Trooper’s video 
Had shown me 
To myself.

Oh! How terrible  
Is Enlightenment
When it comes!

“Sorry man,” said Trooper.
“Let’s try a few more takes.”
Trooper is very patient with the talent, as he calls me.
I like that about him.

“Maybe we can catch the feeling you’re looking for,”
He suggested. “Before we lose the light.
If not I’ll try to fake it later in the studio.”
I like that about Trooper too.

“Okay! Let’s try another take!
“You ready, Rusty?
“Maybe you could put the drink down 
“And we’ll try one without it.”

“Anything you say, Trooper,” I answered.
At that moment 
I was very thankful
For Trooper and his strong zen.

His strong loving patient zen.

Just who the heck 
Is the zen master around here, anyway?

“Remember Rusty,” he said bending down behind the video camera,
“Try not to curse too much.
Don’t look into the camera.
Keep it fresh!”

“And be …
In the moment.”

Aha, I thought!
That’s the zen of it!

Trooper, you magnificent bastard!
Thank you 
For showing me
Where my zen was.

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