Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Slippery When Wet

New York City. Winter, 1987. 
I’d had a hard day being a messenger for Empire Messenger Service. Some lapdogs from an apartment on Irving Place had tried to kill me, but why go on? Things like that happened all the time to me since I’d become a messenger.
I ought to write a book about it.
Anyway, it had been a hard day, so I was having a nice long soak in a hot bath. For a change the apartment was empty, it was just Suzie and I, everyone else had gone to the movies, so I could take my time in the bathroom. 
I was laying in the tub, thinking about my escape from the gnashing teeth of nasty lapdogs, just happy to be alive, when Suzie came in and asked me how I was feeling. 
“Better,” I said. 
I was leaning back in the tub with a wet cloth over my closed eyes, and I couldn’t see a thing. Suzie knelt beside the bathtub and tested the water with her hand. Little splashes swirled in the tub.
I reached for Suzie’s hand and placed it between my legs.
“Dirty boy!” she whispered in mock surprise.
“You bet!” I agreed. 
I enjoyed Suzie’s familiar touch, bringing me to life. How many times had this happened? Every time the same, yet different! I went to remove the cloth from my eyes.
“No,” she said. “Don’t do that. Keep it where it is.” 
I left the cloth where it was. 
“Hmmm,” I said softly, “that feels good.” 
“Looks good too,’ she answered playfully. 
I heard Suzie shift her weight and an instant later felt her breath on my face. Then her lips touched mine and we kissed deeply. My wet hands reached out and caressed her, getting her clothes wet and splashing water onto the floor. 
“Not yet,” she whispered. “Be patient…”
She released me. I heard a light rustling noise as Suzie stood up and removed her clothes. I imagined her naked body, standing by the tub, only inches away. She stepped slowly into the bath, one foot, then the other. 
She stood for a moment, straddling me. 
I still could not see, the cloth being over my eyes, and this heightened the pleasure of my other senses. I felt the cool porcelain of the tub on my back, the warm water all around, the flesh of Suzie’s ankles against my thighs. I heard Suzie’s breathing and the musical drip of water. I could smell her perfume, so alluringly close as she stood above me, and beneath that a faint trace of oranges from the soap. I tasted Suzie’s lipstick on my lips.

When we’d finished, we lay in the tub together, our racing hearts returning to normal. There was water all over the floor.
After a while I asked cheekily, “May I remove the cloth from my eyes now, darling?”
“Yes,” said Suzie. “You may.”
“I don’t know how it stayed on through the whole thing,” I bragged. “And what was that new thing you were doing with your elbow? I loved it!”
“Dirty boy!” said Suzie in mock disgust.
“You bet!” I answered, and we laughed.
The best sex usually involves a laugh or two, don’t you think? 
I lazily reached up and removed the damp cloth from my eyes, but I didn’t bother to open them. I didn’t want to break the spell. I had just been to heaven, what was there for my eyes to see in this mortal world? 
We lay together tenderly. After our lovemaking, Suzie would be feeling shy and exposed now, I knew. She gave everything to her loving, holding nothing back, and this abandonment I think embarrassed her a little. I hugged her closer. Suzie possessed a charming sense of true modesty, there was nothing false about it. She lay on me, her head on my chest, her face turned towards the wall. 
“I love you,” she said.
I turned her face toward mine and kissed her lightly on the forehead.
“I love you too, Suzie,” I answered.

To be continued…

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