Tuesday, November 8, 2016

“Human Control Is An Illusion”

Human control is an illusion.

It kinda hurts to think that,
Doesn’t it?

But it’s true.
Human control is an illusion.
A moment’s thought should confirm it
To any but the thickest of numbskulls.

Why not admit it?
And having admitted it 
Why not leave that silly idea behind,
(Or as we zen practitioners say,
Unattach yourself from it)
And live on
In greater happiness
Without it?

Understand things as they truly are,
Realize the interconnectedness of everything,
Past present future,
Everything there ever was or ever will be.
Bringing us to this very moment.

That’s the zen of it!

And forget about 
Controlling anything
In this ever-changing world.
As painful a thought
As that may be.

 So don’t waste this valuable pain.
Make use of it!

Use your pain to help you think.
Use your thinking to gain some wisdom.
Use your wisdom to attain a little enlightenment.

Because enlightenment 
Makes it possible to endure living 
In this crazy,
Uncontrollable world.

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