Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three Ready Zens

Something Good is Bound to Happen

I’m a big fan of zen.
Once I realized what it was.
Funny, but I had it all along
And didn’t know it.

You have to relax 
And let the beauty of it
Come down and through
And into you, 
In order for it to work.

Sometimes, that’s the hard part.
Letting go and relaxing.
So don’t worry if it hasn’t 
Happened to you yet.
There’s still plenty of time.

Remember, whatever 
Should happen, will happen.
Just keep yourself ready.
Listen to your heart.
And read my zen poems.

If you do 
Then I guarantee
Eventually something good 
Is bound to happen
To at least one of us.

No Zen In That

Have you ever noticed how easy
It is to be critical 
In this imperfect world?
A world where most things are broken
To some degree or another?

Just look around you!
People are complaining all the time.
About everything!
It’s too old.
It’s too new.
It’s too cheap.
It’s too dear.
It’s too plain.
It’s too fancy.
It’s too …
But why go on?
Anything you can imagine,
Anything at all,
Isn’t good enough for somebody!
Sadly, being critical is an easy occupation.

But a rather difficult habit to break.

So let’s quit finding fault.
There is little zen in that.
Let’s see if we can find something 
More rewarding to turn our godlike
Comprehension upon, 
Instead of faultfinding.

After all, it is much more pleasant 
To look around and see 
The beauty that is everywhere…
Instead of the fear 
And pain and injustice and…

That is also everywhere.

Beauty and pain.
Both of these things exist
And have a place in the scheme of things.
Sometimes they exist side by side. 
Or even within each other.

How can that be?

It’s difficult to understand.
As human beings we must 
Live with contradiction.
That is our curse.

So sing! and be happy!
We’re all at fault!
Or said another way,
We are all faultless.

Because there is no perfection, 
Except perhaps in zen.
The perfection of zen.
That’s a big question…

For another time.

How Big?

“How big is your zen?”
A student once asked me.

“That’s an easy one,” I answered.
“My zen is very… er, big.
Or rather say it’s everywhere all around.
Or maybe never-ending is a better term for it.
All encompassing?
I’m finding it a little 
Difficult to describe,” I admitted.

I was a little embarrassed
And wanted to change the subject.
So I added, “That’s zen for you!”
And shrugged my shoulders.

The students laughed,
And my ignorance 
Went undiscovered
For another day.

Wisdom is sometimes knowing
When you don’t know 
What you’re talking about.

There’s the zen.

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